The Definition of a Petulant Child

Debbie Wasserman Schultz made the following comment today:

“Aren’t we at the point where the closer we get to chaos, the more concern that  there should be about coming to the table and compromising with Democrats? This is not leadership. This is almost like  dictatorship. I know they want to force the outcome that … their extremists  would like to impose. But they are getting ready to spark panic and chaos, and  they seem to be OK with that. And it’s just really disappointing, and  potentially devastating.”

The definition of petulant is easily irritated or angered, especially in a childish way

Petulant is derived from the Latin petulans, which means “insolent.” Someone petulant is insolent and irritated easily, often in an immature or unreasonable way. Petulant is a more sophisticated way of describing someone who is being cranky and irritable, especially without a real reason.

Usage Examples:

The petulant child threw a fit when she couldn’t find her toy.

Ms. Schultz’s fit as shown by her immature comments reflect the level of frustration she feels towards “extremists”. Imagine labelling patriots who are simply asking for fiscal restraint and adherence to the Constitution as extremists. I will wear that appellation proudly and even go one step further: I will accept all consequences of not raising the debt ceiling because at some point, we have to stand up for reason and our future.

The people now understand that the sole purpose of most politicians is to be re-elected: it is not to represent the people, solve problems or follow the Constitution. As the leadership for the Republicans in the House are realizing too late, we are watching them and the consequences of their actions will be felt at the polls if they compromise. The freshmen representatives understand what is happening and based on the Democrat response to recent events concerning the debt ceiling, they too understand.

Washington power brokers are now facing the incontrovertable conclusion that their positions are no longer tenable. Like a bully whose control has been successfully usurped, they are lashing out in an irrational manner against the common man and woman who are standing up for what is right.

I will make it easy for the politicians in Washington to understand what is happening in the United States:


If the debt ceiling is not raised, Ms. Schultz can go tell her dad that the Tea Party just beat her up for stealing our lunch money one too many times. As for her assertion that fiscal restraint is analogous to a dictatorship, I respectfully ask the voters in Florida to “Grayson” this pretender in the next election.

David DeGerolamo

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Brock Townsend
10 years ago

She deserves the same outcome as the bully in A Christmas Story.

John medeiros
John medeiros
8 years ago

It’s just rhetoric from everybody. They will never change until the people fall under the same taxpayer funded benefits as the politicians.; medical, pension and Social Security.

rational man
rational man
8 years ago

the petulance is not in the genuine desire to see fiscal restraint. It is the arrogant and childlike failure to cooperate in getting something done, simply because they do not like one person or another. ie; the gun control requirement was voted down just because it would have given Obama the appearance of a victory. That is being petulant. And not everyone wants to see whatever consequences comes from not raising the debt ceiling. Most patriotic Americans want to see these serious problems addressed; they want to see decisive action; they want to see real leadership, not posturing and politising. Recall that congress is seen as worse then just petulant, they are seen as do nothing childish pond scum by an overwhelming percentage of Americans.