The Democrat Party Are Terrorist

Democrats have used the Constitution as toilet paper, wiped their ample chairborne asses with the previously sterling reputation of a federal judge, and called down the whirlwind with their gleeful charade of anything approaching justice or decorum in opposing a good man for an office to which he is magnificently and manifestly qualified, and without so much as a hint of actual or demonstrable blemish.

If it were Sen. Graham’s choice yesterday, he’d have taken a flamethrower to the entire minority side of the Judicial Committee, and he’d have been well within the sensibilities of most of the Senate had he done so. They all have it coming.

When Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, and they go into full frothing lunatic mode; if their imagined blue wave turns redder than a sunset at the spectacle of these latest despicable and fully treasonous antics, and they throw the Mother Of All Infantile Shit-fits, causing 2016-present to pale to relative insignificance, then it may become necessary for more forceful means to remove them from any positions of influence, and water the tree of liberty in a way we haven’t had to do for more than a century.


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