The Dollar Turkey Has Come Home to Roost

How to make an origami Dollar Turkey - YouTube

The consequences of kicking the can down the road by the Federal government have now come home to roost. They knew this day would come but as in Atlas Shrugged, they did not care. They made their escape plans as they created more issues, more laws, more taxes and more regulations. The cost of “more” was debt, propaganda, indoctrination and civil unrest.

Here. | Mary Anna King

We are now here. The financial powers that be can no longer hold back the floodgates. The DHS insider leaked over four years ago that we would know when the economic collapse was here when they could no longer manipulate the price of gold. The value of the dollar has collapsed to its lowest level in history compared to gold.

As the politicians destroyed the country for their own power and greed, they stole our children’s future, our culture, our history and our financial wealth. Unless you have prepared for this obvious eventuality, your ability to procure goods and services is substantially reduced.

The first step is to stay calm and shoot the Communists. Literally. They want us dead and there will be no compromise. The cities are burning and the rats are fleeing to the countryside. Build your communities but maintain operational security because your lives depend on it.

David DeGerolamo

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9 months ago

Remember Mother’s Day: Kill a Commie for Mommy !

Remember Father’s Day: Make Pappy Happy! Help a Marxist, at the end of a rope, Twist !

New holiday traditions are just around the corner….