The End of the Separation of Powers

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Our Congressional leaders have seen multiple instances of the Obama regime usurping their authority under the Constitution. While their protestations have been ignored by the executive branch and the media, the country is now at the tipping point. Today is the first day for the health care industry to comply with Obamacare. As outlined below, up to 50% of the people who signed up will not be covered due to “errors and omissions”.

Where does that leave the health care industry when someone receives health care and then realizes that their “coverage” does not exist? Since most of the people who have enrolled are not healthy, these bills can easily bankrupt people who thought they were covered under Obamacare. Which leaves two options:

1. The pResident will dictate that the government will cover this new liability without the approval of the legislative branch.

2. The pResident will blame Congress for not revising Obamacare legislation to “help” people who are suffering through no fault of their own.

Let’s put aside the fact that people are once again being used as pawns. I believe Obama will invoke some variation of the first option. This would be the final declaration that the executive branch has usurped the power of the legislative branch. I do not see the pResident giving back his gains made in 2013 or John Boehner supporting the Constitution.

David DeGerolamo

Obamacare Goes Live Today: Here Is The Next Big Problem

We reported two weeks ago that navigating the labyrinth successfully and “signing up” for Obamacare is one thing; actually activating coverage by making a payment is something totally different. We added that “if people don’t pay by Dec. 31, insurers may end up stuck with a disproportionate number of sicker and costlier customers.”

It is this “shock” realization that one’s Obamacare plan is not active until after the healthcare service has been rendered, that may hit as many as 50% of all enrollees, which means that of the 2+ million Americans who believe they have coverage, up to 1 million is about to be served with a bill which they can’t afford. This also happens to be the main story across various media outlets today.


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