The FALL is here!!!

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We tried the pin now let's use the sword
We tried the pin now let's use the sword
7 days ago

This was an interesting read. Tell me what you 🤔

strider 777
7 days ago

I really enjoyed this video. This young man is my kind of people. God bless all His people everywhere.

a follower, working on it.
a follower, working on it.
7 days ago

“The Fall”
“A Reset”
“Restructuring, going a different direction? Have you heard this lately?
It is in the air.
Seems like both sides are shooting for a Reset! Which side are you on?
“Let’s use the sword” How many are using the Sword of Truth spoken of in Revelation 19? How many Truly understand?
Worth a look and a consideration. The following is very much Biblical!