If Western civilization is to survive, President Trump MUST take the cultural offensive.

Legally: pardon Flynn, Stone, and Papadopoulos, and commute Manafort’s sentence. Release the Rosenstein-Mueller scope memo. Release the four FISA applications to surveil Carter Page. Release all information about the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting. Prosecute the deletion of 33,000 e-mails under subpoena. Prosecute the Uranium One deal. Prosecute everyone who engaged in sedition or seditious conspiracy. Prosecute the Clinton Foundation and Soros for RICO violations. Declare ANTIFA to be a terrorist group. Prosecute the numerous civil rights violations and terroristic threats endured by supporters of our president, whether they be famous or private individuals. Root out the deep state from our intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, and from our bureaucracy. Reform the civil service so they can never become independent of their bosses and paymasters, We the People. Stop apologizing for the rule of law. Back the left into a corner so they reveal their ultimate goal of repealing all laws that protect our lives and liberty.

Dissolve the nexus of power by which the deep state rules: the network of high tech, social media, mass media, entertainment industry, and “education” that brainwashes the people, hypnotizing them, addicting them, giving them likes when they conform, punishing them when they dare to think for themselves. My personal corner of this world, academia, is so much more corrupt than I ever could have believed. It has to be starved of public money at all levels, K-16, no apologies. Start fighting back. We patriots aren’t against education; rather, the system in place is not delivering education. It cannot be reformed, anymore than we can negotiate with moderate Taliban.

President Trump, we can’t wait for 2020, an election campaign, and promises of things you might do in your second term.

The time for action is now!


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