The Fat Lady Is Singing: The Republic Has Fallen

The American Dream is dead, and we killed her – incomeinequality2016

This morning’s news brought the following:

Biden Gains On Trump In PA, Takes Lead In Georgia, As Day Three Of Post-Election Counting Continues

This is a transcription between me and my attorney after I read the above headline:

me: Are you going to represent me when I am arrested?

attorney: Of course.

attorney: But it’s not call arrested anymore

attorney: After this bs it’s just getting captured

The only consolation from the fall of the Republic is that the fate of Joe Biden has been sealed. He is a dead man walking.

David DeGerolamo

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11 months ago

Have the court cases President Trump and Rudy Giuliani have filed been dismissed?
I’m hoping until they are settled, it’s still an open debate.
David Hershowitz felt the Pres. had a good shot in PA, and the challenge in MI is vs. the state’s own election law, stipulating a rep. from both parties witness the counting of votes.

11 months ago
Reply to  Guido

Guido, I don’t have any first hand knowledge of the PA but, the recount in MI and the witness from both sides was or is a total sham. The dem’s did recount pure and simple! It was a dog and pony show at best!

Randolph Scott
Randolph Scott
11 months ago

Enough is enough. Everyone knows what happened.