The Final Transformation from Obama


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7 years ago

you are right, this is what will occur very shortly and the sodomites legacy will be one of horror and wickedness he has left behind. the Jews out of sheer disgust could even send the mossad after him now and we all know how that will end up. he would rightly deserve his reward which will be in hell

7 years ago

But 0bama is just the head on the pimple. Certainly he needs to face his Judgement, but we must not ignore the putrid reality of how many stand behind him, fully committed to the same course of destruction he is presently leading us down…

They must ALL face their Judgement, and the sooner, the better. They have each and all committed Treason, not just against America, but against all of humanity, for it humanity itself which they intend to destroy by universal subjugation. As I have previously stated, their first axiom is that “there can be no liberty anywhere, even outside the collective”.

Why do you think they choose the muslims as allies? Because islam is tyranical by its very essence, and also because it is opposed to the True faith of Christ -- islam is satanic. And so are all those who ally themselves with it. Period, full stop.

Thus do they practice “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, which is Satan’s own motto.

And while it certainly sounds harsh to advocte that *every* true-believer collectivist must be sent to Judgement, we must never forget that they fully intend to liquidate every last one of their enemies, as soon as it becomes expedient. Look no further than Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, or any other communist regime to see the fact that *every* collectivist tyranny in history has sent its enemies to a horrible death, in the name of “revolution”.

Look to the 1960s, but multiply the attrocity by a hundred fold -- we are entering another era of politically contrived race and class warfare. It will be replete with assassinations, riots, financial ruin, and every form of political machinations… anything is acceptable to them, so long as it completes the destruction of our Christian society.







We have, indeed, been warned…