The First 100 Days

Supposedly, Joe Biden’s approval rating is over 50% across various polls. I suppose if Democrats, government leeches workers and the entitled class care more for their individual positions and payoffs than their Liberty, this is accurate.

What does that portend for our future? The fraudulent government will stay in power and their desired goals of power and the destruction of the economy will be fulfilled. Tyranny eventually is overthrown but our people’s faith in the Lord and their Sacred Honor is not strong enough to make this commitment. At this time.

I suppose being a watchman on the wall is the best I can be at this time. It still is strange that the church has abandoned their watch and that the military has abandoned their oath. It is like the Lord hardened their hearts like He did with Pharoah so that we will be punished for our nation’s sins.

David DeGerolamo

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Dana Henry
Dana Henry
1 month ago

Truer words were never spoken. Amen and amen.

1 month ago
Reply to  Dana Henry

“Amen (Ra), Amen (Ra).”
Egyptian sun God.
“Amoon, Amen(Ra), Ameen, Aum, Om.”
And remember that Set-An (Satan, Poseidon) was the brother (left hand aspect) of Amen Ra.
The more things change, the more they stay the same. And prayers addressed to foreign gods will fall upon deaf ears.
If you want prayers to be heard, perhaps close them with “let it be so.”

Stan Sylvester
Stan Sylvester
1 month ago

Micah 3:11:
“The heads thereof judge for reward, and the priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money: yet will the lean upon the Lord and say, is not Lord in the midst of us? No evil shall com upon us.”
Translation: it’s just a job for the leaders of these denominations. The sheeple follow because they have not been taught how to study the bible. Instead, they have their carefully chosen scriptures read to them every week. They aren’t given the word of God that pertains to the present day choices that need to be made. What we have today is called religion.
2 Timothy 3:5
“Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.”
Instead of standing up to the gubmint and refusing to close, they told their people that for “safety”, they should follow the guidelines. Before we knew it, the vaccines were necessary to go back to “normal.”

1 month ago

I don’t believe the polls which tout how popular Resident Xao BuyDem is with the Sheeple.
Propaganda favoring BuyDem is strong and pushed heavily. Media covers his senility and gaffs by not reporting, much like they did with FDR being in a wheelchair.
The long, hot, “mostly peaceful” Summer is before us and the crazies are gonna BLM (burn, loot, murder), so some of the Sheeple will then see how wonderful Xao BuyDem can govern, or not, from his basement.
World-wide hyperinflation and its attendant bankruptcies are soon to be upon us and then the slackers and takers will start the race war that WoeBama has long sought for so as to complete his Imaculation, IAW the Cloward-Piven Strategy……
Xin Loi, G.I. (Vietnamese for “Sorry ’bout that, GI”)

1 month ago

I don’t know why the link I shared a moment ago posted so weird. So, in the case that the link won’t open or whatever -- here it is again… The upset little girl…
“I can’t breathe in this mask”! End the child abuse! Masks Don’t Work! (

1 month ago

Many of the church’s were complicit in Germany during WW2. The Catholic church, where many of the Nazi’s congregated was as silent as it is now. Those churches who are 401c3 churches adhere to the dictates of the government wherever they are.
Those American church’s free of government control are speaking out boldly Chuck Baldwin Live > Home , I believe that Baldwin still has a list on his site of associated churches throughout America.
As you know, in Canada Artur Pawlowski TV Artur Pawlowski TV -- YouTube
If it is any consolation, I firmly believe that we are about to win this battle, at the very least the tide is about to turn in our favor.
Notice of Liability regarding crimes against humanity (
Prof Dolores Cahill / A Notice Of Liability / Cork May 1 2021 (
Hero’s and Heroine’s ~ Leslie Manookian Interview with Reiner Fuellmich ~ Excerpt from CILO ~ Apr 23, 2021 (

1 month ago

Why is it that People keep using the word, “liberty,” as if it is desirable?
“Liberty” is a “grant of temporary license.” We as Americans have no use for “Liberty.”
Freedom is what we seek.
The term “liberty” is derived from “libertine,” and references the massive statue of “Isis/Ashtoreth/Columba/Semiramis,” the patron goddess of “libertinism” that stands where it should not stand, in New York harbor.
Have we truly been that far in slumber for the past 120 years that we allowed a pagan symbol of absolute, pure evil to stand as a sentinel in the bay of one of our largest cities?
I suppose it is no wonder things have gotten to this point if so.

1 month ago
Reply to  DRenegade

Liberty is desirable if you are a Warrant Officer in the Merchant Marine. But it is a “grant,” and as such, it is subject to the whims of the “grantor.”
Freedom is not subject to any limitations, in the same way as “rights.” A right, by its nature, is inherently “unlimited,” since were it otherwise, it would be a “privilege.”
An example is the “privilege” that U.S. Citizens are granted, allowing them to “lease firearms.” They cannot own property, and those “firearms” can be legally reclaimed by the holders in due course (Territorial government) at any time.
Americans have unlimited right to Arms (which is not the same as a “firearm”).
So there is your difference.

Last edited 1 month ago by 1776
1 month ago
Reply to  DRenegade

I don’t need to “search again.”

Liberty is a “temporary grant of license.”

A ship’s captain grants “liberty.”

Words mean things, David. No matter what your preconceptions.

Being effective in the world involves observing, evaluating, and acting.