THE FIVE DAMNING LETTERS Ignored By The Obama Administration And Hillary Clinton Regarding Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration

The Benghazi attacks and subsequent coverup could have been prevented. The Obama administration, to include everyone who sided with him, are responsible for not heeding the words of five U.S. Congressmen who sent five separate letters to various agencies and departments exactly 90 days earlier.

How so?

On June 13th 2012, five congressmen sent some very serious warning letters regarding Muslim Brotherhood infiltration, one of which was sent to the Deputy Inspector General (IG) of the State Department, led by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The letters caused so much controversy that nothing was done about them. The congressmen contacted and consulted with Walid Shoebat to etch some details regarding such Muslim Brotherhood infiltration.

Today, resurrecting these letters (discussed later) makes an incredible argument for bringing the Obama Administration, the media, and the sharp tongues of some stupid politicians to answer some tough questions.

Click here for the entire letter.Letter about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration sent 90 days before Benghazi.


h/t Stephen

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Jeff Marshalek
Jeff Marshalek
7 years ago

At the end of World War II “The British Secret Service, under the leadership of double agent Kim Philby, played a critical role in recruiting fugitives from both the Eastern European and Arab Nazi movements. Philby dumped these groups on the Dulles brothers who with the cooperation of their allies inside the State and Justice Departments, hid them from prosecution in America…The Muslim Brotherhood, a Nazi movement, was used by the Dulles brothers during the Cold War as a counterweight to the Arab-Communist movements. In time, the Brotherhood splintered into a dozen or more Sunni based terrorist groups. From their secret bases in Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Brotherhood became the latest iteration of the extremist groups funded by the Robber Barons…The rise of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, and Enron’s manic diversion of funds to Pakistan, both had their roots in the second generation Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood, protected by the US Justice Department. To this day, the United States is the only major power not to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization….The bottom line is that for nearly a century, segments of the US Justice Department and the State Department have been running a foreign policy directly at odds with orders of the Presidents and contrary to the knowledge and consent of Congress and the American people.” American Nazi Secrets, by John Loftus.

The world is much more complicated than Obama versus Bush. They are of the same father…Satan.