The Future of All States Courtesy of Our Political Elite

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strider 777
1 month ago

A little humor is really good for the soul. But remember, there truly are a great many patriots, constitutionalists and freedom-loving conservatives that still are living there. I wish them God’s blessings and the day when they, and the rest of us, will be free again. Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow…

1 month ago
Reply to  strider 777

Technically that’s so, the vast majority of CA, by land mass, is quite conservative. Possibly by head count as well, since there hasn’t been an honest election there in many decades. It’s hard to be sure. Orange County has always been conservative, and only “changed” after vote harvesting and mail-in voting was legalized and standardized.

But if you look at LA county, SF, Napa, etc. Yeah, that’s what the rest of the country calls “California”, and no, not so many patriots, constitutionalists, or freedom-loving conservatives living there. If there are *any*, they are *deep* in the closet. Closeted freedom loving patriots? Not sure that’s possible.

There are such people in CA, but they are *all* in the sierras and the deserts, not the valleys or the coasts.

gail jansen
gail jansen
1 month ago

I thank God daily that I got out. Loved it while I was there but I saw the change coming and left. I pray for family who trapped.