The Great Reset Killed the American Middle Class

Small Business Closures Soar Back Near Pandemic Peak As “Financial Hopelessness” Builds

Despite trillions in Fed “stimulus” and endless government handouts, John Stanford, co-executive director of the Small Business Roundtable, told CNBC this week that “it continues to be a very painful time for small businesses.”

“We have to remember, PPP was a bridge program,” Stanford said.

“It was meant to keep people on the payroll, it wasn’t meant necessarily to keep businesses open.”

In what will likely come as a surprise to many, amid political pressure to reopen nationwide – since lockdowns have been shown to be utterly useless – 22% of U.S. small businesses were closed in February, up significantly from October’s 14%, and back near May’s pandemic peak when 23% of small and medium-size businesses closed (just 1 percentage point higher than the current closure rate).

Some states, like Maine, Idaho and Colorado, were seeing 9%-10% closures, while others like New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts were seeing at least 30% closed.

“While larger companies with larger capital reserve may be doing OK, small businesses can’t just take the risk to stay open, and I think we’re seeing that play out with these high numbers,” warned Stanford, adding that despite the currency vaccine and Biden Bailous hope, 51% of the businesses surveyed said they were not planning to rehire former employees within the next six months.




It appears that over 2/3 of small businesses have closed due to the pandemic funded in part by Dr. Fauci without any oversight. This means that the unemployment rate released by the government is another lie. I could add additional facts but the bottom line is that the government has killed the middle class. Once the government checks stop, we will be competing with illegal aliens for any work. Who do you think will be “given” a higher ESG score for whatever jobs are available?

David DeGerolamo

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1 month ago

We have two shopping malls in our town, the biggest one has a lobby that people use for walking exercise and it is one mile to one mile and quarter to go around once, depending on which route you use.As of this spring, there are 12 to 15 empty stores fronts and I’m looking for more stores to close. So no I’m not surprised about hearing about stores closing, because people are still going out and about like they used to. It will take time, unless Biden really shoves this country down a sewer hole like he wants.

1 month ago

Under (((communism))) the ‘middle class’ and small businesses MUST be Destroyed. Only Slaves and their (((masters))) exist in a communist State.