The illegal border surge and what we can do

The current crisis at our southern border is a mess and we need leadership, not delay and weakness from Congress and/or President Obama.  It was reported in the TV media tonight that President Obama will be in Texas, but instead of visiting the border or with the Border Patrol, he will instead be doing three political fundraisers.  A few days ago he said he would ask the US Senate and US House to pass a law in haste that he would sign to especially quicken the time of asylum hearings and hence deportation……it is now well documented that neither political upheaval nor a crime wave in Central America is the root cause of the border surge but instead it is a lack of enforcement of our immigration laws and earlier amnesties via President Obama’s (executive order) overreach.  Sadly today, President Obama said he was postponing this legislative request for now.

I know many of you believe neither Congress nor the President will take any meaningful actions, but we can’t stop contacting members of Congress and let them off the hook.  Most members of Congress have an election coming up even though Obama does not, so I do believe contacting Congress is worthwhile but contacting President Obama is a total waste of time.

Insist Congress take the following actions:  use the National Guard immediately at our southern border, take swift legislative action to permit a quick asylum review process and deport and transport illegals and minors to the three primary Central American “surge” sending countries instead of releasing them into the USA, cutoff aid and deny travel and other visas to countries who may attempt to refuse to take back their citizens who are deported from the USA, and start a serious effort to inform immediately the citizenry (with the help of the host country) of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras that deportation will be sure if they arrive illegally in the USA, and a novel idea for sure is to start enforcing our existing immigration laws in the USA. 

Go to this weblink to find your member of the US House with contact info:  (type in your ZIP code in the top right corner of the webpage).   Go to this weblink to contact US Senator Richard Burr   and this weblink to contact US Senator Kay Hagan

Thanks and send this email to your friends and associates.


Ron Woodard
(919) 460-8156

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8 years ago

One thing they can do is send them to one or more of the 800+ concentration camps in America originally created to detain/deport illegal aliens in the case of a mass crossing of our borders:

Since they aren’t being send there, who among us will be sent?