The Imaginary Government

We have long been in a post-constitutional democracy, one that recognizes no individual rights, but simply who has the most votes, or, more accurately, the most ballots. It is as destructive to the United States as it was to France, minus the guillotines, for now.

Driving home the fact of the stolen election is pointless. Everyone knows it was stolen, especially those who benefitted from the steal. They also understand the value of keeping up the illusion of legitimacy. Equal to that value is the importance of never conceding that point. To put a cap on it, two states that were NOT swing states in the 2020 election have had some very interesting findings, Mississippi and New Hampshire.

The larger question, the most important question, is how do we expose the fraud in a real way? Recognizing it is good, pushing back on the legitimacy narrative is good, but it’s just filed away as two competing political voices urging the middle to move their way. Lost is the importance of the stolen election.

The inability of the federal government to faithfully prosecute a free and fair election destroys its authority. They gloss over this fact, because it suits both political parties to pretend that the election was legitimate, knowing that if it was not. They no longer hold authority until a free and fair election can be held. In essence, they are actors on a stage and as long as the people suspend disbelief, they can continue in that role.

What cannot be faked, however, is the truth that they are, like actors on a stage, participants in an imaginary government. That does not mean that they lack force, but it does mean they lack legitimacy, something that could come back to haunt them if the American people refuse to consent to the ruse. One option to refuse the ruse is, if one is charged with a crime and we may all be by the time this sham has run its course, is to challenge any law, especially federal law, with the obligation to prove authority to enforce, write or invoke those laws.

While I recognize that all of this resolves itself in the end, like Nazis at Nuremburg, the road to that destination is ugly and strewn with the corpses of both patriots and traitors. This is the road nations like China and Russia would like us to take, because they benefit from a weak and easily conquered America.

The one thing an illegitimate government cannot hide is its hypocrisy. In fact, the lack of principles of a government is the first sign that it has no moorings. I began to write about this as far back as 2007 and it has only gotten more obvious and more outrageous. Like everything that is false, ultimately, it fails to function. That, too, is a long and ugly road strewn with the corpses of mostly patriots.

Right now, H.R. 1 has been passed by the House, essentially codifying the method of conducting future elections in the manner of the 2020 election. None on Capitol Hill suffer from H.R. 1 becoming law. Most of them are in office due to the manipulation of the vote on both sides of the aisle. There are not enough white hats in Congress to do anything about it. H.R. 127 waits in the wings.

A government that no longer needs the actual votes of the people is free to unleash all manner of unlawful assaults upon them.

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