The Imbecilic Notion of Limited Government by Bill Buppert

I think I have written enough over the years about the gulag totalitarian state that everyone enjoys calling America. I’ve published a book that speaks to the imbecility of limited government and its brain-dead adherents. Mind you, I used to be paralyzed from the neck up myself and believed in the nonsense of voting, limited government and the distinct possibility that if we got just the right humans in office, we’d skip down the yellow brick road with no need for anything while politicians would spew magic fairy dust out of their asses and we’d think it was air freshener.

But, no, grown ups have discovered that all politicians are psychopaths and sociopaths; it is only the parasite class of the political nomenklatura who continue to be the nation’s largest gathering of adult toddlers outside of Hollywood.

So if you haven’t read my book, I wanted to provide the reader’s digest version of why limited government is impossible. There is no historical precedent whatsoever east or west of a statist entity arising out of the ashes of the latest secessionist movement and able to control the size it grows to as the cancer of the state metastasizes with time. None. Revolution either wholly transforms an existing government or rends chunks of an existing polity into another totalitarian aspirant in its embryonic stages squealing to grow into the abomination that is government today and has been government always.


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6 years ago

After reading this excellent piece by Bupert, I recommend you follow the link and read several of the articles on

In particular, “The Obviousness of Anarchy: The Rule of Law” in which the author states:

“Since almost none of the rules that bring peace and order to our existence were created by government, little argument should be required to establish that government is not necessary to create such rules. On the contrary, it is precisely the rules that were created by government that tend to undermine peace and order.”

This article describes the function of “case-generated law” (common-law) and the ability of people to establish such governance in the absence of a state.

I’m pleased to see another author working on the themes proposed in my January and August 2014 posts: “How Will We Govern Ourselves After We Win?” and “Public Duty and Civic Virtue Be Damned”.

6 years ago


Thanks for publishing this and linking back to my page. We live in anarchy every day with friends and family. Why not extend that to the family of man? The beauty of capitalism is that unlike government, it incentivizes the peaceful interaction and cooperation between complete strangers to deliver and purchase goods and services. That is the basis of civilization not the barbarism of the state which is simply thieves conducting business under a flag.

Bill Buppert