The Jasmine Revolution Comes to North Carolina

The following videos outline the first wave of the Jasmine Revolution in North Carolina. Most people do not realize that SEANC  is controlled by SEIU. Forty-two percent of the state’s 130,000 union members are represented by SEANC. Although I never could understand why a public sector employee needs a union to protect them from the government, it is another means to siphon off money and resources from our economy to support corruption and intimidation. You can decide for yourself whether the issue is collective bargaining or the beginnings of bottom up terrorism.

David DeGerolamo

North Carolina Is Out of Compliance with International Law

Rev. Barber rationalizes that collective bargaining for public sector employees is unjust and immoral:

Workers Rights Are Human Rights – Education for Illegals

Labor Unions Did Away with the Eight Hour Week?

People’s Budget – A Covenant with the People to Uphold Human Rights

Bail Out the People, Not the Banks – North Carolina Must Comply with International Law

The People United Will Never Be Defeated

Closing Comments by Rev. Barber

A New Day in North Carolina – the Unions Have Joined with the NAACP

Across the Country to Provide Justice for All.

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Joel Carson
Joel Carson
11 years ago

I got their answer right out of the barrel of my 06