The Last Word on Masks

After this post, there will be no more articles on masks concerning the coronavirus pandemic. I posted an article which detailed scientific testing on the effectiveness of masks based on particulate size to debunk that latest attack vector on me.

As I stated earlier, we are in the midst of a biological war and as in any war, you need to arm yourself to the best of your ability. In this case, the government with the aid of useful idiots has managed a successful campaign to limit the availability and vilification of wearing a mask.

I thought about detailing the different types of masks as people have focused on N95 masks but I gave my recommendation of masks back on January 30, 2020. Would I use an N95 mask? Not if I had an N100 or the mask recommendation previously.

I did find some of the comments attacking me personally for common sense sanitary practices strange. I deleted too many comments based on character attacks and ignorance. I do want to take this opportunity to thank people for allowing me the opportunity to evaluate your character, level of intelligence and public virtue. It will not be forgotten. As for those who are offended by common sense, you are welcome to join the readers who have left in disgust at my lack of “patriotism”.

David DeGerolamo

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