The Media, And The Left, Are DONE

The problem for those who want to argue “obstruction” is that there must be something to obstruct and then there must be one or more overt acts intended to frustrate or block an investigation into same. In other words you need to act with corrupt intent (whether you succeed or not.)  The investigation found neither to be the case and Mueller stopped there since he had neither element he had to find in order to proceed.

GAME OVER *******S.

Now for those of you in the media and in Congress who wish to continue this charade — please be advised that there comes a point, and after the exhaustive level of this investigation you’re there, that continuing to pursue same is a declaration of intent to overthrow a legitimate election as the predicates upon which you could base further action have been conclusively destroyed.

As a result you ought to think very, very carefully about whether your actions now constitute incitement to Civil War with malice aforethought and intent.

The question now turns on whether there was ever any evidence for any of your charges at all within the relevant requirement for probable cause or whether the entire process was knowingly and intentionally ginned up with knowledge that the predicate claims leading to the investigation were false and thus led to an investigation that had at its root perjury and even a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the result of the 2016 election.  If that’s the case then there are a whole lot of people, quite-possibly including Hillary Clinton, Obama himself and dozens of US Representatives, Senators and employees of the FBI and DOJ that need to be held to account, prosecuted and imprisoned right here, right now.

THAT question and issue remains open — but it must be run to the ground with the same zeal that this cacophony of lies was both within the Halls of Congress and the media.

We can start with the immediate withdrawal and cancellation of all Pulitzers and other similar “awards” that were issued on the basis of false statements breathlessly reported to be factual.  I expect that to happen right now.

In addition anyone in this nation who continues to support any of this now-documented false narrative is by doing so declaring themselves to be in support of perjury, lies, fabrications and sedition.  As such you have no right to demand anything from anyone — not employment, a loaf of bread, a gallon of gasoline, a handshake, or even the courtesy of a reach-around.


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