The Most Dangerous Time

Today, Biden announced that he was going to drop the demand that employers force-vaccinate their employees. This comes after his poll numbers are lower than that of Nixon at the end of the Watergate hearings. It comes after court after court, including the Supreme Court has ruled that this requirement is unconstitutional, though how they justified allowing it for federal employees or federally-funded (even when only paying for medicare and medicaid patients) hospitals remained in effect is anyone’s guess. Okay, the Supreme Court is just as corrupt as everything else, that’s the answer.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has also dropped their plans to enforce this insane and unconstitutional rule that took them so long to formulate that it was effectively ineffective from the beginning. That doesn’t mean they are defeated, there’s no cause for celebration, they simply wanted to nullify all of the current lawsuits against them, because they were going to lose, but they’ll find a new way, restart the mandate when they think they can, when Soros has bribed more judges.

What employers like Carhartt and Pruitt Tool and Supply ought to recognize is that the cover provided by this hapless administration is gone. Their willingness to discriminate based on medical health records now falls on their shoulders and theirs alone. There never has been a law that required it, nor an established regulation, other than rumors of such and so, continuing to impose a vaccine mandate now opens them up for class action lawsuits and criminal complaint. Never get in the path of a staggering elephant, one can only get squashed.

This, however, only illuminates the constant push towards illegality by government officials. This isn’t a question of the mandate or whether it was constitutional or not. It wasn’t. It was inhuman, especially when taking into consideration the damage done by the “vaccines” themselves. But we have three people on the Supreme Court who thought they had an argument for it. Five more thought that it was okay for federal workers or federally funded workplaces, including Kavanaugh and Roberts.

Now that Breyer is going to retire and open a seat on the Supreme Court for someone like Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Susan Rice or AOC, it’s easy to see that while Democrat appointees are always the most rabid partisans, the Republican nominees of late are all weak-kneed sychophants of the left; Roberts was no replacement for Rehnquist, just some sleazy pedophile by all accounts, but someone has to open the files of the clients of Ghislaine Maxwell to know that. That means that to prevent one of them from being appointed to the open seat, we’re expected to rely on Republican senators to reject them.

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tom finley
tom finley
3 months ago

The supreme court which it is not, main function is to decide constitutional law, if whatever it has before it adheres to constitutional guidelines is it not. They have been writing law and ignoring their duty, the rule of law has long since passed in our country. Why would any of us look for justice or adhere to any of it.