The Most Important Case No MSM Reports On

Why not vaccinate? Because the court has ruled that most of them DO NOT WORK. Once again, in our capitalist society, it’s all and only about the money and profits, not our health and safety. Another fine conspiracy theory proven to be conspiracy fact.

Because since the DTP vaccine fiasco that led to the NCVIA multiple (and indeed nearly all) alleged “vaccines”, along with the original injected polio formulation still used (IPV) are in fact personal prophylaxis and do not prevent either contracting or transmitting the disease in question. Specifically all of the following fall into this category and thus all of them, per this decision, cannot be mandated by any government-connected agency including a school or a medical system citing government contracts.

This means there is virtually no grounds for submitting to any vaccine mandate in the future. Unless and until a vaccine is legally declared to be sterilizing by a court, any attempt to mandate it is unconstitutional and illegal on its face.

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foot in the forest
foot in the forest
1 month ago

I am sorry if you could not discern reality and injected yourself with poison. After listening to the endless abuse you heaped upon me and the endless threats you made against my physical wellbeing hear me well. SUCKS TO BE YOU. Stupidity is a fatal disease.