The Only Solution

Concerning the information released by Tony Bobulinski on Tucker Carlson, here is a report from Politico:

But no A-list conservative outlet has published anything living up to those claims. Instead, these outlets have turned their firepower toward other reliable topics: social media bias; deep state plots; and the media’s failure to cover a story they themselves have backed away from, leaving Giuliani and Bobulinski to sell the story to the fringe.


I have heard one report where the Biden camp has told all media outlets that any reporting of the Bobulinski information would result in being blacklisted in a Biden administration. Whether this is true or not, the major news organizations are not reporting a story that can be documented which shows a presidential candidate has been compromised by the Chinese communist party.

I do not know my country anymore. Is this the America that you want:

1, The news is censored, manipulated into propaganda or used to promote politically correct ideologies to rewrite our culture and history.

2. The President is falsely accused of crimes leading to an impeachment trial even though the FBI had custody of exculpatory evidence.

3. Following the Constitution for Supreme Court appointments is deemed illegal and the solution is to expand the court for the other branches to control the judiciary.

4. I do not know which is worse: the Obama crime syndicate, the Clinton crime syndicate or the Biden crime syndicate although I believe the Clinton crime syndicate has the highest death count.

5. The FBI, CIA and DOJ have become tools to manipulate our justice system, impose tyranny and lead coups to overthrow the Constitution.

6. Our law enforcement is under attack in order to be replaced by social workers.

7. The nation’s district attorneys have been compromised by George Soros funding.

8. Prescribing hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 is prohibited even though there is a published scientific article showing its ability to effectively treat SARS-COV.

9. Our children’s education is held hostage by the teachers’ unions and and state governments.

10. Thanksgiving and Christmas are now regulated by the government to stop the spread of COVID-19.

I would like to say that I do not know what will happen. Unfortunately, we all know where this is headed. Firearms and ammunition are in very short supply while the suppression of people supporting the Republic is unlimited.

There is only one solution to saving the country:

Thou shalt not Bend the knee | Make a Meme

David DeGerolamo

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6 months ago

Per line item #8 -- How does our “government of a free nation” prohibit the dispensing of a legal and legitimate prescription drug, anyway?
Regardless of it’s perceived effectiveness for the Wuhan Flu, short of placing this drug on a “Schedule 1” designation, how can its distribution be halted?
My Physician says he can prescribe hydroxychloroquine but it can’t be filled by the pharmacy.
That just doesn’t compute…..

Dr. Lon Schultz
Dr. Lon Schultz
6 months ago

Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure. The medical industry is all about money and a religious belief in drugs and surgury. You cant readily change that system, but you can prevent much disease with a healthy diet and natural supplements. I take 5000IU of vitamin D3, 50 mg of zinc and a gram or so of ascorbic acid or better, natural vitamin C complex at several caps daily, to prevent or weaken the flu. At the first sign of a cold, i take18.5 mg if zinc lozenges every 2_3 hours for a maximum of three per day for a day or two and the cold or flu is usually gone by morning. Then you wont need efficitive inexpensive drugs that arent avaliable!

6 months ago

Well, the issue of limited ammunition only applies to those late to the game. I suspect most folks who have been awake for a while are well stocked and ready for any eventuality. Creator of All is in control. We will get what we have earned.

6 months ago

There is only a shortage in reasonably priced ammo.Lots of ammo out there to be had if you are willing to get robbed.
I had plenty until buying a new rifle in a caliber I did not have.The ammo was just as much of an investment as the rifle.

6 months ago

I suspect the perceived “ammo shortage” was anticipated back when o blo-me’s DOJ purchased 4.something BILLION rounds of .40 cal. JHP pistol ammo for “training” purposes. Granted, the market did rebound after that 1.5 years or whatever of ammo-drought, but I don’t believe a credible reason for the stockpiling was ever announced. What’s even stranger is that most of the Fed. agencies don’t even favor .40 pistols anymore.
I reckon there’s a troy buttload of that ammo still sitting around, I’m always ready for a trickle-down of battlefield pick-ups or whatever. We all should have a .40 or three (“two is one, one is none”) sitting in our safes ready to reap the benefits. After all, that’s our ammo.
When it comes to ammo, enough is never enough…..