The Rats Are Winning in the North Carolina House of Representatives

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From Publius Huldah:

If you haven’t done so already, please make sure you blast the full North Carolina House today. We sent the NC COSP alert out yesterday

We still may have a chance to stop Convention of States Project’s (COSP) application for an Article V convention (A5C) before it gets to the House floor! So please act on today’s blast ASAP also:

H390 (COSP) — awaiting committee assignment — hearing not scheduled yet.

HERE is our State flyer which explains the dangers of an A5C.

HEREare words from brilliant men who warned against an A5C.

The House Regulatory Reform Committee that heard H390 (COSP) yesterday was a disgrace. COSP obviously shopped for a committee with a majority of members friendly to their cause. The hearing was scheduled with barely any notice, so our side couldn’t organize. Tom Coburn was sent in. And H390 passed on a “voice” vote.

H390 was then referred back to the House Rules, Calendar and Operations committee, where it can be voted on and sent to the House floor at any time. Rules committee meetings can be scheduled with 15 minutes notice.

The good news is that most members of the Rules committee are on record, having voted on the same COSP application in 2017. And 15 of the 27 committee members voted “No” at that time and helped defeat COSP. The same application failed to pass the House in 2018. So we have a decent chance of defeating COSP again. But we need to act now!

Please write the following 15 committee members who voted against COSP’s A5C application in 2017. We want to make sure they realize that H390 is the same dangerous A5C application they voted against before. Thank them! And ask them to watch for H390 in the Rules and Calendar committee and Vote “No” again. Then please write and/or call the committee chair as indicated below also.

Rules Committee members (15) who said “No!” to COSP in 2017 – Dear Representative:,,

Now please write and call Rules committee Chair David Lewis and ask him to hold H390 in committee, rather than bring it to a vote. Representative David Lewis voted YES in 2017; but legislators have changed their minds with new information., Office: (919) 715-3015

Thank you for defending our Constitution!

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