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 I have a great deal to do today – yes, Gentle Reader, I have a life away from the computers, as implausible as that may sound – so this will be a brief piece. First, the response to:

     …has been overwhelming. It suggests that I’ve touched a nerve that’s been just short of firing, possibly for a long time. I hope that’s to the good.

     Second, I’m not the only writer in the Internet Commentariat thinking along those lines:

     The perfect storm has arrived and the dark winter is upon us. This is the time for serious men. Enough of the name-calling, caterwauling, one-upmanship of internet squabbles. Put it aside and concentrate on what to do about it. Yes, fight the political battles as a defensive maneuver, but find ways to go on the offensive. Strikes are one method, but somewhere along the line those who are protected by this communist regime must be exposed to the same dangers those on the right are exposed to. There has to be a challenge to the two-tiered justice system and if the system cannot administer justice, the people will have to do it themselves. A failure of justice has always fostered a vigilante solution. That knowledge used to be enough to keep the courts in line, adhering to their oaths, but one always displaces the other.

     Thank you, T. L. Davis, and thank You, God! I was beginning to think I was the only one who sees it. No matter how powerful the intellect, being of unique convictions can make anyone doubt his sanity. Whew!

     But it occurred to me, after reading T. L.’s essay, that he and I have merely seen what another writer saw some time ago:

     “I’m going to take the advice I saw on a license plate, once: Live Free Or Die.”
     “New Hampshire,” Allen said. “Used to be, at least.”
     “That may sound good,” Henry said quietly, “but you’re going to feel a whole lot different in your guts when the time comes—a whole lot different than you do right now. This isn’t an Outfit wiseguy who’s about to torture you in the middle of a rape. This is premeditated murder of people with families, and lovers, and kids in nursery school, and worries about the future, just like us. And on top of that, these are people who champion the democratic process. You are going to be killing a man because he voted the wrong way.”
     “No,” Cindy said without hesitation, “I am going to be killing a man because he voted away something that was not his to vote on in the first place. The people making the laws think that anything is okay if they can get 51% of the legislators or the people to go along with it. One hundred per cent of the people making the rules in the Vegas outfit thought it was just fine for me to be locked in a room and taken out when it suited them. I’ve had enough of that.”

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2 months ago

Time to face the music.

Free men choose while slaves just obey.

“Civil Wars happen when the victimized are armed. Genocide happens when they are not.” AE Samann

The Tree of Liberty says, “Finally, refreshment ! Sure took a long time to be delivered…..”

2 months ago

There are two differing points of view in these comments. 1. Pray and pick up your sword. 2. Pray and save the world. Something has been overlooked. We have relinquished our responsibility to eliminate evil within our midst. This is a result of misinterpretation of God’s word. There are offenses for which death is the punishment. But another misinterpretation put that on the back burner – “Thou shalt not kill.” A gross error. Corrected it should read – “Thou shalt do no murder.” Big difference. The whole idea behind God’s institution of capital punishment was to eradicate evil. We and many other countries forsook our responsibility. We did that first by not understanding God’s word and second because powerful folks don’t want to be caught up in their reprehensible deeds and die. So lawyers prevailed. The result of our indiscretion is a world of murderers that have free reign to rape, pillage, plunder and kill who answer neither to man nor God (at least in this life). When the Israelites refused to eliminate the evil within their midst the Lord did it for them with the result that many suffered catastrophic consequences. That is what we are seeing today. Time to clean house. God is not against fighting for what is right; but know beforehand that as this plays out it will not be pleasant. The problem as I see it has more to do with high priority targets rather than helter skelter. In other words, you have to try, convict and punish. You don’t go off the deep end and waste everything that moves. That’s murder. Self-defense is inevitable at some point; but that’s not murder. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword; but we don’t live by the sword. If we did we would be like BLM/Antifa, Islam, evil governments and ordinary criminals. We hold our peace (and piece) until circumstances dictate otherwise. Know ahead of time that our actions have consequences. That is to be expected. Many will die while others will be brought before the magistrates. Think not what you will say beforehand, for the Lord our God will put His words in our mouths. Now that I have tipped my hand, I am prepared to answer for my actions. I know we are monitored. Get used to it and be prepared. Though I be old and half the man I used to be you can rest assured I will not go peacefully.