The Right to Housing Supersedes the Right for a Corporation to Make a Profit

As expected, the Occupation of America is suspending their efforts due to cold weather. They left out disease, crime and apathy by most of America except the media and Democrat politicians as reasons for going home for the holidays. As also expected, they will come back this spring to unleash their “Spring 2012 Offensive”.


There is no right to housing but there is an obligation to provide for widows and orphans. The transition from dependence on the Lord (religion) to dependence on the state (Socialism) is marching forward with little resistance in our country. The premise that corporations should provide free housing as a right to fulfill their individual greed could only be made by a generation indoctrinated by a failed educational system.

What are the consequences if corporations are vilified for making a profit? The remnants our economic base will move overseas. As our corporations “Go Galt”, so will the rest of the producers. The Spring 2012 Offensive may succeed with a  Pyrrhic victory but they will never be satisfied until the nation is destroyed.

David DeGerolamo


In a last minute switch from the proposed 11-11-11 Central Park rally, Occupy Veterans gathered a few block from Zuccotti Park to rail against the wars, Wall Street, and discuss plans for their ‘Spring 2012 Offensive.’

For reasons that were not entirely clear to the crowd, Occupy organizers pulled the plug on the Central Park Occupation at the eleventh hour. They switched the Occupy Veterans rally to the more familiar ground of Foley Square in lower Manhattan, just a few blocks away from Zuccotti Park.

When I arrived at what was now the Foley Square Veterans Day rally, an Occupy organizer took to the podium to share stories about his struggle to get the proper parks department permits, and worked in some more personal observations like “I need my g_ddamned food stamps.”

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