The Russian Analysis of the Healthcare Decision

No taxation without representation!

No taxation without representation!. 47441.png

Clinton couldn’t do it in the 90’s but Obama’s paid off justices in the Supreme Court were able to kick in government health care. Obamacare was forced to pass whether you like it or not. Wacky Judge Roberts just changed the word “penalty” and called it a “tax”.

What was called unconstitutional by other courts is now legal. Whatever happened to “no taxation without representation”?

“insane children and adolescents in charge of our government” -Alan Keyes

The line has been drawn in the sand and although health care “sounds” good it is unconstitutional for the government to force anyone to buy insurance. Not to mention the fact that in Obama’s world “transparency” means you can’t see what’s in the health care bill until it passes. That too is unconstitutional. All illegal and all un-American.

Now, they can force any church that opposes abortion to fund abortion. They now force every US citizen to pay for it. Freedom of religion has been choked in the last fifty years now churches are dying and will soon be underground.


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9 years ago

Too many people seem to think that having Obamacare ‘insurance’ = being able to get the right kind of health care when you need it. All evidence from government-run systems world-wide points to just the opposite. Inadequate care, delayed care, lack of drugs, especially the newest and best/most costly, long lines, not enough doctors, horrible/filthy hospital conditions (for example, as per the U.K. reports). The worst aspect of this will be withholding care from seniors. We all have parents and grandparents, and they will suffer the most and their lives will be shortened under Obamacare. What this government is inflicting on its people is truly evil. I believe a system of medical care for all is possible, but not this way.