THE SLEDGEHAMMER SHOW: The Black Robe Regiment

I was honored to be invited onto the Sledgehammer Show to discuss the Black Robe Regiment Summit.



The New Declaration can be Read Here…

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2 months ago

About to be a lot more new comments in this forum! I hope this brings more people towards truth. Worst part for me….seeing mainly the “elderly” ready to stand. No offense to anyone on that either. I respect the older wisdom myself!
We need that!! Yet, beware of newbies popping I here to stir it up… they’re coming!

MT Ray
MT Ray
2 months ago
Reply to  FedUpFLman

No offense taken but many of us “elderly” 68 in my case can still move and shoot and hit really well. Some of are in great shape with no medical issues. Been training for Spartan races for quite awhile. It is the best workout ever. And i am ready to stand. But many are fat lazy slobs. Sorry but I had to throw my 2 cents in. I respect the hell out out you guys that post here often. Honestly, great articles and great comments.

2 months ago

Regardless a mans metric for success or failure in an endeavor unless he compares that effort to God’s objective standard first, he will be in error. History is our next teacher. There are many opinions as to your participation in the BRR event and even the organization itself. I say whenever a man is bold enough privately or publicly speaking about God’s economy and standard for His creation, including using men demand, uphold and even restore His justice in the land. Men who use prayer and the pen (if you will) and the sword be it in a defensive or an offensive posture. I measure this as a success as many seeds are planted. Regardless where me or you or this nation ends up in history it is the Christian duty to serve his King, brothers and sisters and the lost by preaching the whole counsel of God. I believe that one day Jesus will tell you Wes, and others what I will say right now. Good job brother.
Micah 6:8Isaiah 61:8
Isaiah 1:17
Proverbs 28:5
Amos 5:24
If we are to restore the Republic this nation (beginning with the church) must repent (to turn away from) and place our collective faces back to Christ trusting in Him and applying His law and word in all areas of government including self, family, church and civil.
Be it 10 or a 100 years will be up to us.
2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

a follower
a follower
2 months ago
Reply to  azprepsteader

If, as was said on the podcast, we are living in the last days. And as many of us do believe. What are we to legitimately to believe and expect?
Are we, to ‘Restore’ this Republic this nation?

a follower
a follower
2 months ago

Yashayahu 6:8
And i heard the voice of Yahuah, saying,
“Whom do I send, and who would go for us?
And i (Isaiah) said,
“Here am i! Send me.”
What was He sending Isaiah to do? and what did Yah cause to happen with the Baal serving and worshiping peoples?
Isaiah was ‘not’ being sent to raise an army against the perceived evil ones.
He was sent to serve warning, of what is coming?) Is this what you also are doing? Was this accomplished?

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a follower
a follower
2 months ago
Reply to  a follower

i remember watching the Movie Furry. First took notice of this Bible verse.
It was an eye opening moment.
Nathan Leal has also been discussing these same verses.