The Small Kill Team(SKT): More than a Sniper Team

What if you combined Reaper(Sniper) and Ghost(Scout) elements into one team and/or two elements? And tripled their firepower? Bingo; The SKT or Small Kill Team. Which is actually two teams; Over-watching each other. More on that later.

What is an SKT or Small Kill Team? It’s pretty simple, its a small group, of 4-6 men(carnivores only) who are armed to the teeth and deployed into a known, and active, hostile environment. Typically, over-watching an area known for housing trouble makers, quartering enemy, IED hotspots, a weapons cache, or ambush alleys. The SKT has a QRF, or Quick Response Force, ready to quadruple their numbers and firepower should they pick a fight, find a fight, or fall into a fight larger than they can handle.

They are there. Somewhere. Watching, waiting, making radio checks, taking photos, and making range cards. Ready to pounce.

Occasionally things go very, very wrong, because the enemy is paying attention and can, in fact, count higher than their fingers and toes. (Sometimes)

Happens more often than you know…


h/t Matt Bracken

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The Horse
The Horse
1 month ago

Great article. The same principle/concept was used in the 80s and 90s for DIA’s Direct Action teams. This concept can be used with great effect, but our citizen soldiers will need to learn long range shooting and intel gathering skills.

1 month ago

Interesting and useful tactic….in the right locale at the right time. Here in the USSA right now forming such a team is a recipe for a fast trip to prison…or a firing squad. The American Gestapo me FBI is evil….NOT incompetent. And they are past masters at infiltrating and compromising such groups. Right here, right now the ONLY 100% safe method to act is the lone wolf actor. There may come a time for patriots to band together and act. Now is NOT that time. But learning the skills required is a good idea.

1 month ago

This is another example of the Regime’s TTP’s being projected on to the ‘other side’, i.e. the Guerilla Patriots. Some of the Concept, the Small Team, has value, but why Regime Soldiers achieve Results with it is again dependent upon the Resources of an Army. A Regime “SKT” has at their call, (at the very least) reinforcements by Vehicle or Helicopter, and from there, Artillery, Airstrikes, and most importantly, Helicopter Evacuation when it ‘goes bad’.
Never Mind, as Dan mentions, the difficulty of assembling a “Team” without discovery and/or infiltration, such a Team, as Guerillas, doesn’t really create any more Impact on the Enemy than the same number of Lone Wolves.
IF such a Group were made up of ex-Mil Soldiers, it would be more effective than a pick-up Group of individuals, but that’s about all.