The Threat of Political Disarmament

See Tea Party Nation for additional comments.

What constitutes a well-regulated militia? Why is the one necessity for the security of a free people (a militia) under attack by the government and media?

From Cleon Skousen’s “The Making of America” printed in 1985:

It is a historical fact than in nations where the political leaders want to curtail the rights of the people and take away their property and freedom, they always begin by trying to disarm them. This is usually done by first requiring them to register their firearms and imposing a heavy penalty on those who do not. It has been determined that in many instances the next step is to  deliberately provoke widespread rioting and violence. The government can then use this as an excuse to confiscate all firearms in the possession of private citizens and do it on the grounds that “we have to somehow stop all this killing.”

Which is worse:

1. A government destroying our freedom.

2. People who do not understand the true purpose of the 2nd amendment.

Why would anyone who supports the Constitution not be a member of a true state militia? No more excuses. Arm yourself as our forefathers were required to be to defend Liberty. Another excerpt from “The Making of America”:

Many Americans do not even realize that they belong to the militia of their state. They confuse their state militia with the National Guard, which is a specialized reserve corps in each state trained at federal expense for immediate service

Under Title 10, section 31 of the U.S. Code, the militia of each state includes “all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and under 45 years of age who are or have [made] a declaration of intent to become citizens.”

So why is militia such a vilified term? The answer is simple: it is our defense against tyranny.

David DeGerolamo

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Tom S
8 years ago

The question isn’t who is the militia,if you’re reading this, you are. So how’s that training going?Training…? Get off your ass, look up your local militia, and get involved. We’re not a bunch of toothless redneck,racists idiots. We are your neighbors and coworkers. In my platoon, our captain is a lawyer, our staff Sergeant is a state employee.Some of us are old and unfit, and some are young bucks, straight out of the military. Point is, there is a place for everyone, so long as you support the constitution. Can’t shoot,can’t run? Cook or bring some gator-aid to the next field exercise, and you will be a thirsty man’s hero! Don’t just sit there and let this country go to hell without doing something. God bless.

Fed Up
Fed Up
8 years ago

For more information on who is the militia go to; and find out that WE are the militia. We the people are the ones the government fears but lie to everyone about who is in charge.
Thank you for the blog.