The Ultimate Pinhead

From YouTube:

Bill explains to a Premium Member why he hasn’t bothered to report on Arizona Sheriff Arpaio’s assertion that President Obama’s birth certificate is allegedly a forgery in this excerpt from our Backstage Conversation webcast.

Tired of the “I’m too busy” excuse?

Would it be too much to ask Mr. O’Reilly, Mr. Beck or Mr. Hannity to hire their own expert(s) to analyze the birth certificate that can be downloaded at Even high schools students in California who set out to prove the birth certificate was real quickly proved that it was a forgery.

If you cannot stand up for the truth, you have no credibility. If you profess to stand for America but only within your own parameters, you have no patriotism. If you have no time to do a program on an issue that America wants answered, I would put forth the proposition that you are in reality a coward or lazy. This is not any attempt to goad you into action: this is only a fair and balanced assessment of fear.

David DeGerolamo

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