The Vatican is Always Against Israel

In a time when anti-Semitism is reaching its peak, again, in Europe, and the forces of Islam are trying to eradicate the world of Christianity and Judaism, the Vatican,which has a profound influence on more than one billion Christians around the world,choose to sell the Jews, again, to their own persecutors.

This is the meaning of Catholic Church’s recognition of the “State of Palestine”, which is a totalitarian project aiming to destroy the Jewishness of the State of Israel and to expel(or kill) 600,000 Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria.
But we should not be surprised. In every moment of crisis, the Vatican has sided with Israel’s enemies.
Gulf War, 1991. When Iraqi scuds are fired against Israel, the Pope condemns attacks against “civilians”, without even mentioning the Israeli people.

2000, a few months before the beginning of the Second Intifada: Pope John Paulvisits Damascus. Bashar el Assad proclaims that just as Jews murdered Jesus, Israel is torturing Palestine. The Vatican stands silent, de facto justifying the horrible anti-Semitism emanating from the Syrian regime.

April 2002. The Palestinian Arab terrorists enter Bethlehem and the  Nativity Church. The Catholic authorities become the world wide leaders of an unprecedented campaign of verbal assault against Israel. The Vatican, from the Catholic NGOs to Pope John Paul II to the official daily L’Osservatore Romano, sanction the terrorists’ right to use the church as a shelter, turning Israel into the aggressor.


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6 years ago

The Vatican is full of demonic people with the false prophet leading the rat pack. As for Israel nothing will change will them, they will go right to the bitter end in there hatred for Christ and the Christians. The Jews who reside inside the U.S.are the ones that are destroying us from within, they are a disgusting Marxist lot , just like in the time of Moses when the same type of Jew spirit tried to overthrow Moses and God opened up the ground and 4000 of them fell inside the earth then God closed the earth on them, then he killed 250 levites for going against Moses also.