The ‘yayoflautas’ take five branches of Bankia in Spain

Occupation in Barcelona.

Groups of activists from 15-M have taken synchronously entity’s offices in five cities to ask for a ‘# NurenbergFinanciero’

This morning the ‘yayoflautas’ , the activists of the 15-M veterans have occupied synchronously Bankia five venues of the same number of Spanish cities. With this symbolic action and peaceful have demanded a seat “in the service of 99%”, which is judged to Rodrigo Rato and have opted for ‘Rescue Plan Citizen’ .

Just wanted to protest against the recovery of “23,500 million euros of public money to Bankia” while the PP government “protects the perpetrators of this looting such as Rodrigo Rato , political, financial and member of one of the families of the oligarchy that demand for centuries, “according to reports in a statement.

At 11:00 in the morning groups ‘yayoflautas’ in Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Palma de Mallorca have entered the branch, megaphone in hand, shouting slogans against Bankia, conservative policies of the executive and the economic crisis. As stated in the statement, “we are going to the bankers” because “none of those who govern or have governed us ask Rodrigo Rato no responsibility for the plunder committed while people are in jail simply for trying to find a solution to a life of slave. ”

Faced with the current political management of economic crisis, ‘yayoflautas’ have claimed to have “alternative” and have in required a citizen rescue plan , the initiative of 15-M, which includes 5 requirements “to ensure the right to exist for 99% “.

These points, which emerged from the meetings in Barcelona and have been adopted by the movement are: (1) or one euro to rescue the banks, (2) public education and quality, (3) for a guaranteed housing (5), not job insecurity and distribution of wealth, and (5) transparency, democracy and civil liberties network.

In the statement, “# yayoflautaspaRato” Barcelona have it clear: “If a bank rescued with public money should be all. Rescued Bank-owned bank and 99% service.” And they want to pay the culprits, as in Iceland, therefore, “the number one goal is Rodrigo Rato.” Thus, what we want is a “# Nurembergfinanciero “.


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