There Is Nothing Moral about Theft

People crowded the downtown Raleigh streets for blocks during Moral March Feb. 8, 2014.

Although no one wants to admit it, it is still true: there are more of them than us. You can label it as “producers” and “looters” or pick another label. The fact is that people are easily misled. The bottom up “revolution” is encouraged by our “government” in order to implement martial law and control. It is ironic that the call for their “fair share” will result in the chains of slavery. As we are seeing with the implementation of Obamacare, the desire to work to earn a future has become the desire to work less in order to get more. From someone else. When “someone else” realizes the futility of working in order to give others the fruits of their labor, the game will be up. Either way, the regime wins. For a while.

The pResident has targeted Raleigh as a stronghold for implementing his agenda. Raleigh is one of the nation’s seven climate change research hubs. This comes right after Obama announced that the Next Generation Power Electronics Institute which will be headquartered on NCSU’s Centennial Campus.

“The challenge of making sure everyone who works hard can get ahead in today’s economy is so important that we can’t wait for Congress to solve it,” Obama told 2,000 people in a speech at N.C. State University. “Where I can act, on my own without Congress, I’m going to do so. And today I’m here to act.”

Obama announced a $140 million consortium of companies and universities, led by NCSU, that will develop the next generation of energy-efficient electronic chips and devices. The effort – and other technology hubs like it expected to be announced soon – helps fulfill a pledge Obama made in his State of the Union address a year ago to develop high-tech jobs.

Raleigh also is a DHS Fusion Center:

Primary fusion centers serve as the focal points within the state and local environment for the receipt, analysis, gathering, and sharing of threat-related information and have additional responsibilities related to the coordination of critical operational capabilities across the statewide fusion process with other recognized fusion centers. Furthermore, primary centers are the highest priority for the allocation of available federal resources, including the deployment of personnel and connectivity with federal data systems.

Raleigh and North Carolina will be a battleground. The pResident knows it. The evil known as Rev. Barber knows it. And North Carolina State University knows it: even if they don’t want to admit that everything has its price. Who do you think is paying to bus in 20,000 people to our Capitol?

David DeGerolamo

Moral March advances variety of issues

Although they represented different ages, races and geographies, all of those who marched Saturday in downtown Raleigh share a single goal. “Everybody wants a change,” said demonstrator Joyce Gresham.

Tens of thousands representing a number of different political and social issues clogged Raleigh’s Wilmington and Fayetteville streets for what planners dubbed the “Moral March.”

“I think a lot of people in this state from all different socio-economic levels are really fed up with the way things are going,” said Jennifer Martin. She came to the march from Watts Street Baptist Church in Durham.


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7 years ago

“everyone who works hard can get ahead in today’s economy”
and everyone who sits on the couch watching cable T.V. or playing candy crush on an electronic toy should be left to starve……YOU CAN’T GET AHEAD WITHOUT WORKING HARD.