This Is How Liberty Dies

As Liberty dies under the crushing weight of pResidential tyranny, the opposition is offering little resistance. Whether laws are dictated by executive order or an alphabet agency mandate, Congress has become irrelevant. Obama ignores the law as he frees five top Islamist terrorists without Congressional approval as required by law. But then a Republic without the rule of law is just a facade for a dictatorship. History will record whether the next conflict is a Civil War or a Revolution. As long as we regain our Liberty, does it make a difference as long as our children become free once more?

David DeGerolamo

EPA Proposal Draws Fire From United Republicans, Some Democrats

Republicans pounced on President Barack Obama‘s plan to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 as a job-killing sop to his environmental donors, while Democrats ran the gamut from embracing the Environmental Protection Agency’s rule to quickly backing away from it.

The split between the unified GOP and split Democratic Party exemplifies the differences in the two parties in 2014. Republicans are rock solid in opposition to green regulations that may slow the economy—and more broadly to most anything Mr. Obama proposes. But Democrats find themselves choosing from Mr. Obama’s policies like an a la carte menu—embracing the ones that work back home while criticizing the ones that don’t.


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