This Is Not Representative Government

Here is the list of North Carolina’s US House of Representatives showing the ten out of thirteen “representatives” who did not hold a town hall during the summer recess. Most disappointing of all was Renee Ellmers’ last minute cancellation to answer questions at a Moccasin Creek Minutemen meeting.

House District
Name Party Affiliation Town Hall Meeting
1 G. K. Butterfield D No
2 Renee Ellmers R No
3 Walter Jones R No
4 David Price D No
5 Virginia Foxx R No
6 Howard Coble R No
7 Mike McIntyre D No
8 Larry Kissell D No
9 Sue Myrick R Yes
10 Patrick McHenry R Yes
11 Heath Shuler D No
12 Mel Watt D Yes
13 Brad Miller D No

After what can only be described as one of the most incompetent sessions of Congress, it is no surprise that most of our representatives were too ashamed to appear in public to address their constituents. Sixty percent of all US House representatives did not hold a town hall after their debt ceiling vote. Our state average was 76.9% which is 28% higher than the national average.

Although this dubious honor is lost on our politicians, we will hold them accountable. There have been many low points for our nation lately but we must take notice when our elected officials are hiding from instead of defending their record.

David DeGerolamo


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