This Is Our Last Chance to Get It Right

Constitution or Slavery? These videos outline several points that people do not want to discuss. If you have an opinion after watching these videos, add a comment that is backed with facts. It is time to decide if we actually believe in the Constitution, our founding principles and our Faith or are we just watching from the sidelines with useless rhetoric? Opposing views and sources are welcome in this debate because this is our last chance to get it right.

David DeGerolamo

Who Is the Military Supporting for the GOP Candidate?

Glenn Beck explains why he would support Ron Paul for president over progressive Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul at the South Carolina debate answering the “911 truther” support he receives.

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[…] This Is Our Last Chance to Get It Right […]

9 years ago

The attacks in Nigeria that just happened, are a prime example of what this country has done. If we didn’t have such a close relationship to Nigeria, the carnage would have never happened. We MUST stop our occupation, we MUST stop defending the slaughter of the innocent Palestinians by the Zionists, we must atone for our sins. We should NEVER listen to the words of veterans and active duty military that don’t support Ron Paul, because they are simply ignorant tools of the American military industrial complex.
Allah Akbar!

9 years ago

while it is technically true that Ron Paul received more donations than other candidates, the number only represents .01% of the total military….not exactly the picture being painted by Uncle Crackpot.

I actually find it offensive that the Ron Paul campaign is using our military in this fashion…but I find much more than that, offensive when it comes to Ron Paul.