Thom Tillis and David Rouzer – supported by groups favoring amnesty

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

The Republican establishment portion of the Republican Party and illegal cheap labor and amnesty supporters such as the Chamber of Commerce are promoting and funding the campaigns of US Senate candidate Thom Tillis and 7th NC Congressional District candidate David Rouzer……guess why??

The Republican primary opponent of Thom Tillis, Dr. Greg Brannon, scares the Republican establishment with his strong immigration enforcement positions and stand to be a Senator who will not be a puppet.  And note that Thom Tillis has also recently received significant campaign contributions from the political fund of Senator John (amnesty) McCain of Arizona.

The Republican primary opponent of David Rouzer, Woody White, is now being attacked by the Republican establishment and Chamber of Commerce for the very same aforementioned reasons. 

It is the responsibility of every citizen to become informed and make their own voting decision.  But it is intensely troubling when we see groups and organizations who openly support illegal cheap labor attempting to “buy their way” to victory.  These are the same cheap labor groups who complain about the high cost of government programs, yet the companies funding these groups are often the very ones who hire illegal immigrants that (along with their dependents) use the government programs that increase our taxes and debt. Recall the early 2014 FAIR study (on our NC LISTEN website) showing illegal immigration costing North Carolina citizens over $1.7 billion net per year [yes that’s 1.7 billion or 1,700 millions of dollars after deducting for the taxes they pay to medicate, educate, incarcerate, and placate illegal immigrants and their dependents]. This study does not include the cost to provide benefits to unemployed citizens being displaced in the work place by illegal immigrants.

Please send this email to your friends and associates.  Thank you.


Ron Woodard

(919) 460-8156

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