Those Still Asleep – T.L. Davis

For me, the question is simple: Do we struggle against tyranny simply to be free of it ourselves, or to free our children from the iron clasp of its shackles? If it is merely ourselves that we seek to free, it is a simple task, it is accomplished with the slightest wave of the hand.

The purpose for me has always been to destroy it so that it cannot, for a long time, reach its ugly claw into the cradles of our children and grandchildren. To surmise that it is possible to defeat tyranny completely and forever is also a foolish notion. Tyranny is defeated only by the vigilant watchmen of the age.

For too long our watchmen have been asleep, we have allowed them to sleep by our silence and our inaction and the hen has been devoured by the fox. It is ours, then, to rise and defeat the beast and restore what has been stolen. It is ours to fight as our forefathers fought in previous centuries.

We are here today with almost every protection of the Constitution turned against us. We have watched the destructive hand of government destroy every industry it has touched; we have seen the borders thrown open and the trust of the legitimate vote of the people be plundered before our very eyes. We have endured injury upon injury with no recourse and been offered further injury in its stead. We have been subjected to no greater tyranny than that which brought forth this nation and while we might stand idle, fearing the power of the beast that has been unleashed against us, we will one day stand before it.

The truth is that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights as human beings and that our government has stood to deny them. Whether it was ever written down, or not; whether it was ever meant for us, or not; we either believe that these rights are ours and will fight to secure them, or we will die as slaves securing nothing for our posterity, but slavery.

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