At the 4 minute mark: there are more people collecting unemployment checks than the number of people the BLS says are unemployed.

This is how stupid the government believes we are. Maybe they are correct since the market went up on this news. And that is all that matters to most people on our side.

David DeGerolamo

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10 months ago

This may sound a little cliche but, if we want folks to understand a concept then we have to educate them. Take a close look at the public education system and all you see is indoctrination camps IMO. I am not making excuses for the under educated. I am suggesting we need to take back our schools and truly educate the young folks we send there.

9 months ago

DEFUND THE GOVERNMENT and repeal their tyrannical rules.

Millionaire government bureaucrats are not of the people. Their existence in our government is unconstitutional.

No more legislation, laws, rules, guidelines and orders from these tyrannical elite. They have failed us and need to be replaced by representatives based on socioeconomic segments of citizens. Age, race, gender, income, education proportional to our citizens should determine our representatives.

Let’s have government represent the people, not the rich and powerful