Terror, racial hatred, violence and murder are the reality of the Democrat Party.

David DeGerolamo

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5 months ago

And they don’t support women, time after time. The pres -elect of the press Kamala was “so proud” of a man who sexually assaulted and beat up and threatened a woman who was the mother of his children. Look how many women voted for Cal Cunning after he had multiple extra marital affairs.

Dr. Lon Schultz
Dr. Lon Schultz
5 months ago

That cant be true, Chicago is a progessive, gun free city, run by an enlightened black woman, where votes are counted fairly for democrats only! Fifty years ago I used to live in that shit hole, it is worse now! I now live in the rural racist south where most people are friendly and that shit wont fly. While there is little hope for our liberal friends, to realize the reality of Democratic run cities or states, videos like this help!