Pope Air Force Base, N.C.

Sen. Thom Tillis (R., N.C.) said on Wednesday that the Air Force has failed to allay concerns about the deactivation of the 440th Airlift Wing, a vital support unit for training U.S. special operations and airborne forces.

The Air Force has signaled in recent months that it plans to phase out the 440th, which has shed about 200 airmen and reduced its flights in response to budget cuts. The Airlift Wing, an Air Force Reserve unit, flies the only C-130 planes that are permanently stationed at the Pope Airfield at Fort Bragg, N.C.

Critics of the Air Force’s move say it does not make strategic or financial sense to remove airmen from the base that serves some of the Army’s top airborne units, including the 82nd Airborne Division and special operations forces.

After meeting with Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James, Tillis said in a statement that “questions I have been asking for months regarding the Air Force’s short-sighted plans to deactivate the 440th Air Wing remain unanswered.”


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8 years ago

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