Times-Dispatch Writer Gets It Exactly Backwards in Militia Article

Armed, trained, disciplined and unified citizens — the whole people — ensuring security and freedom are the most invincible guarantors of justice and peace. The Founders knew that when they included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. (Metropolitan Museum of Art / CC0)

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“In these incendiary times, formally blessing an armed militia to assist law enforcement is akin to tossing a Molotov cocktail into a fireworks factory,” a Tuesday Richmond Times-Dispatch offering by columnist Michael Paul Williams asserts. “But that’s what’s up in Halifax County, whose Board of Supervisors is considering the idea of the Halifax County Militia serving as an auxiliary to local authorities when called.

Volunteers from the Halifax County Militia have reached out to local authorities asking to work with them. As much as Williams tries to portray the idea as one that will set a bunch of armed yahoos loose to wreak havoc on the streets, the goals if one chooses to consult a less ignorantly biased report, make lots of sense.

“We’re not trying to be law enforcement officers. What we’re trying to do is create that supplement. We’re an extra pair of eyes. We’re extra bodies, Halifax Commander Mitzi Thompson explained. “If something in the future did happen and the law enforcement were overwhelmed in some kind of way, we do have the training to come out and assist them.”

“All the members of the militia undergo ‘basic’ training in skills such as firearms safety, weapon proficiency, riot control, military tactics, unarmed self-defense, first aid, and search and rescue,” the report elaborated. “[M]ilitia members also will take FEMA courses so they will be ‘call-out qualified’ to respond to natural disasters.”.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we get violence happening in the next 10 minutes to have a local militia to call up while we wait on the national government to get the National Guard in there?” Supervisor Ricky Short, who presented the proposal as a board resolution, asked.

He’s right.  Now think bigger. Imagine a more destructive and longer-lasting disruption of society – go ahead and pick whatever cause comes to mind, from a protracted power outage, to a catastrophic natural disaster, to invasion, to whatever. Look at how this country went nuts when people couldn’t buy toilet paper. What do we think is going to happen when the utilities and supply/distribution systems break down for days, then longer?


h/t David Codrea

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1 year ago

Seems they are being very trusting to cops when they always tend to come down on the side of the rioters when things get physical.Id rather not have them around when it comes time to do what needs done.

11 months ago

This is presuming that the local ‘government’ and po-Lice are Not Compromised by the [[[bolsheviks]]] and will actually Work to protect the Citizens from commie violence.
Aaaand that the ‘district attorney’ and ‘judges’ are Not pawns of Grygori Schwartz, the bolshevik financier of ‘antifa’.

I believe that this group should be more circumspect in their desire to ‘help the authorities’, as it is far more likely these ‘authorities’ will be Actively trying to arrest ‘militia groups’.