Tips for the Million Vet March

This event will coincide with the Trucker’s Rally. Depending on the number of trucks and the pResident’s response, it may be difficult to get into Washington, D.C. on October 13th. If you are planning to drive or take a bus, use the metro and get on at a station that is far away. If you get too close, the train may be filled and they will not stop. Add at least one hour for delays.  If your bus is planning to drop your group off at a memorial, see if you can reroute to a metro station.

One tactic used on us in the past was to shut down the ticket dispensing machines. No ticket, no ride.

Buy your tickets online:

  • Your order will typically be shipped the next business day via USPS first class mail.

If you have a megaphone, bring it and a spare set of batteries. Nothing was more memorable than marching to the Capitol next to a group from Texas using my megaphone shouting “WE ARE COMING FOR YOU NANCY” to stop Obamacare. You can never bring enough water.

David DeGerolamo

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[…] city. It is also recommended to buy metro tickets beforehand either at a station  or online as some believe that when rallies became too  large in the past, metro ticket machines were shut […]