TOGO Power Battery Box…Solution for no grid power

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Dana Henry
Dana Henry
8 months ago

We’re all brothers and sisters. Comments I make are with respect for everyone on our side.
I don’t see much value in any power system that is unable to provide the basics, comms, and life support. That’d be nice for picnics.
I live on a mountain overlooking Canada. We have four feet of snow. We’re surrounded by ice. Nothing can get up here. We had an EMS rescue last week and they had to use a snowmobile.
We regularly lose power and ALL coms. The only reliable coms are Ham radio. We are always practicing life-sustaining skills.
If you’re going to spend money on backup power supplies they have to be able to keep you warm and run life-saving appliances if you need them. That stuff doesn’t come cheap.
I have propane as a backup heat source. I use solar to power my comms. My outside genny powers lights and fridge etc. The water pump is a separate source. I can survive winters off-grid in the mountains but it’s work. No getting around it.
We’re fooling ourselves with nifty little easy to carry boxes. When power is lost up here so is cell service. My mountain does not allow cell service even in normal times. I keep booster boxes in my rigs but wouldn’t rely on them for anything else.
If you’re going to spend money on emergency equipment don’t do it half measure. We’re talking about life-sustaining equipment. Buy something that will keep you warm and your wife happy. You might have to make payments but at least you won’t be sorry you half measured it. I used to mountain climb SCUBA, and sport jump. I always bought the very best equipment available. We don’t half measure when it comes to equipment.
You want a cheap knock-off Chinese carabiner hundreds of feet up?