Tom Baugh on the Waco Biker Ambush


I think that this will prove to be a seminal moment.

All of LEO groupthink is based on the idea that victims of what some call lawfare are incapable of fighting back in non-violent ways. However, in this case, the victims include dozens of middle class people who can afford an expensive hobby. At least a handful of those are likely to be able to wage counter-value lawfare themselves, or will be connected well enough to those capable of doing it on their behalf.

The fact that some of these guys are waging counter-value lawfare is an indication of their belief in fundamental fairness. Many others (aka “white hats”) are watching while holding similar beliefs. Only one of two outcomes can happen:

a. The system supports the counter-value lawfare and pushes back against the regime. To TPTB, this outcome is unacceptable, even unpossible.

b. The system slithers out from under the counter-value lawfare, thus teaching all paying attention that there is no fundamental justice or fairness at play, and breeding more”black hats” who go underground in the political sense. This is the more likely outcome, but will have dramatic, unintended downstream consequences as these newly minted black hats prepare and recruit accordingly.

Neither of those two options benefit TPTB. As with Bundy Ranch, their operators are hoist upon the horns of their own dilemma.


I will say it a thousand times: pimped rifles are nice, camo is nice, PT is nice, but just as fundamentally essential as all of those is operating your own business(es) and making your own way, and power, in the world, independent of any HR department or timeclock. Only then will you, the citizen soldier, have the resources and operational flexibility to wage your own countervalue lawfare should the need arise. The deterrent effect of such a capability is substantially greater than might be obvious at first.


Reply from Matt Bracken


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6 years ago

The more of us there are in the Liberty Community, who are not accountable to a controlling third party such as an employer, the more operational flexibility we have, both financially and tactically. When lead counseling becomes standard fare, we will need both the funding and the tactical flexibility, for such operations to succeed.

6 years ago

My take on this whole fiasco:

1) The “official story” has changed in significant ways a multitude of times.

— Did the “fight” start in the building (i.e. restroom) as reported or as eyewitnesses state, in the parking lot?
— Were police pre-positioned as witnesses state or did they respond promptly to an altercation as we are lead to believe from official reports?
— Exactly how did a multi-jurisdictional task force of local/state/federal agencies “respond” to a bar fight?
— Is the “new and improved” SOP regarding melees to go in guns blazing, as opposed to containment and protection of innocents?

2) The “roundup” pictures after the melee sure looks more like a cattle drive, than a bunch of dangerous bandits being subdued.

3) Given the prompt release of “exculpatory” video in the Boston knife jihadi event, one has to wonder why the video of the restaurant is still unavailable.

4) The “preliminary” autopsy report (released 2 weeks ago, let that sink in a bit) showed at least 6 of the deceased suffered head gunshot wounds. Head shots are primarily used in two situations, assassinations and precision sniping. An eyewitness report states that the first victim may indeed have been an assassination (shot in head at point blank range by a rival), the rest are open to conjecture.

5) The last time an autopsy took this long (remember they are already buried by now) was 1963, and they had to fly the body back to DC to make sure “it was done right”. Even a laundered autopsy report will likely show something they don’t want released.

Something is wrong here, and the evidence is pointing to a coverup or at least a “death from lack of attention span”.

6 years ago

Being self employed can help you be more independent and wealthy but it does NOT free you from the control of government. Few things are as taxed and regulated as the small businessman. And if you are successful you can have the assets to fight back using the system but rare is the person who has the money to go the distance in a legal battle with the government. Most are lucky to be able to afford enough legal help to simply stay out of prison. And the government has a tool to deprive successful person of their assets…..civil asset forfeiture. In actuality it simply is not possible to fight let alone win in the current paradigm. It has been deliberately rigged to guarantee that the facts and even the law are irrelevant. The system is now nothing but theatre… A display that exists to fool the teaming masses into believing that justice exists……

Anyone wanting true justice must realize it is not available from within the system.