Top 5 Issues Church-Goers Want Preached From the Pulpit


If your church is not preaching the Word of God and addressing today’s issues, you need to find a new church. The Lord will not hold you guiltless as we were warned by Bonhoeffer. Evil is at our doorstep and our churches have denied us and their duty.

David DeGerolamo

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5 years ago

Here is the CORE issue at the evil roots of the problem with manmade “ecclesiastic doctrines”.
EACH sect of the manmade religions and their doctrinal matched churches has their own perverted interpretation of THE GOSPEL of THE Kingdom. Most Christians and Jews and Muslims are following manmade rules of manmade religions.The LAWS of GOD are NO Longer even acknowledged, much less known by man. Man is off the track. Far off from Our Creators LAWS. Man wants the easy, quick path to repentance and forgiveness. Many believe they don’t have to atone or repent at all, because they claim that Jesus did that for them, and they’re exempt from that old repentance thing. Tonight at sunset begins Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement. HE has given us 24 hours to repent for our sins against HIS LAWS. We are commanded to observe HIS FEASTS. This is an opportunity to be forgiven..not from man, but from our GOD. Shalom.

5 years ago

the real problem is the church is now in full blown Apostasy and nothing will stop it, the scriptures state the day will come when the Church believes the lies of satan and the World. The church has invited the world into it and it has adopted the worlds ways of filth and degeneracy. nothing will change this until the Lord returns. the majority of the churches are DEAD and If I was in a church like this , Please flee from it as fast as you can because your soul is dependent on you not being there, it has become the habitation of demons, every unclean bird and ruled by Satan. Remember Brothers where three or more are gathered in his name that is a real church in the eyes of the Lord.