Trump impeachment: Americans voice ‘legitimate fears’ of civil war

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1 month ago

This is what really angers me about this video. The talking hairdo interviewing Mark Hanger says, “You’re are a successful, educated, businessman, you’re not a conspiracy theorist but you still think the election was rigged even though there have been sixty attempts to challenge it in the courts and none of them have been successful.”
The same false assertions made by propagandists every time.
As far as I know, there have been no court hearing where the Trump lawyers have been allowed to present their evidence. I wish Mr. Hanger would have replied to that effect but he didn’t. And here’s the rub: If I could sit in on any court hearing and listen to the evidence and arguments from both sides and then draw a conclusion one way or another, I might even be persuaded that the election was legit. BUT, it is obvious to me that coupled with the overwhelming assault by the media outlets in spewing their lies, the censorship by social media, and the fact that the SCOTUS refused to hear the extremely important Texas case leads me to no other conclusion than the deep state and all parties involved conspired to pervert our democratic process to steal the election.
And now, there is an ongoing attempt to demonize and silence those who believe this is true. The incident at the Capital was only an opportunity for the conspirators to cast patriots as “extremist, domestic terrorists” and take an unconstitutional jab at President Trump.
I could also speak about how the democrats and republicans have trampled the Constitution but I think most people reading this would agree.
These things are why our democratic republic has fallen and why the Constitution is now only a historic document on paper.

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Jerry Van Ronk
1 month ago
Reply to  AngryPatriot

I agree. The dems stated at the kangaroo impeachment attempt that President Trump proved his guilt by not showing up. How much more so the fact that they denied having hearing on the election fraud and continue to call it a lie. Hypocritical as usual. This week should be a revelation.

1 month ago

A Limey from Sky Newz peddling the King’s Mandates and We thought the 1775 to 79 disturbance ousted the King, but there sits the new king in the WH pretending to be a legitimately elected president.
So tired of the BS, on and on the propaganda rains down incessantly on us. So similar to an artillery barrage, next comes their infantry. In a perverse way it will be a welcome change, finally we get to see them up close and personal, for better or worse.

Truth in Tension
Truth in Tension
1 month ago
Reply to  GenEarly

Well said. Relating to the Limey in the video I used to work on extended projects in the UK; during the time that I was working there I noticed that there were, and still are, only 2 classes of people, which are indentured sheep and the predator class of elites (Royals, Institute of Foreign Affairs, Council of 300 and the Rothschild crime syndicate). There is no freedom or personal property rights in the UK. It was then, and still is, a third world country.
Why is the UK still holding Julian Assange in prison? What crime did he commit? The Julian Assange case demonstrates for all to see that there is no rule of law in the UK. There is only 1984 despotism.