Trump Lawyer Looks Media Dead in the Eyes and HAMMERS Them For Failing to Cover Voter Fraud

One of the most important parts of the Press Conference Yesterday.

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Luke holland
Luke holland
6 months ago

Holy CRAP! Talk about speaking the truth, and daggers from her eyes! Excellent presentation. The only question is, how was president Trump able to find honest, honorable lawyers in this day, and age?

6 months ago

the main stream media don’t report any voter fraud because they are not looking for any.
they will spend several days talking to the victums and families of victums of sexual assult in the military…..
they will spend hours interviewing illegal aliens that charge they had un needed medical procedures, and pour over 35000 pages of documents to sup[port those claims…
they will fine tooth comb the live of a 25 year dead british royal for yet another docudrama anniversary show…
looking for what is right in front of your face, right out in the open…..not worth their ti me, nothing to see here, move along.