Trump’s Arrest Proves We Live Under Democrat Tyranny

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1 year ago

The NY Dem Jacobins spent $200 million to secure the city for their “Trump event.” 38,000 cops were used to secure the city. The Jackass Jacobins will do the same each time Trump must show up for their bread and circus Trump arrest.


[…] Trump’s Arrest Proves We Live Under Democrat Tyranny Posted on April 5, 2023 by DRenegade […]

1 year ago

Normally we reserve the topographically highest land of a given area to build the HIGH SCHOOL. Yet the democratic party headquarters aren’t located beside the NC gov mansion, in downtown Raleigh.
We can criticize ANY political party, and still have legal recourse. Has anyone ever successfully sued the BAR??
As to the post ‘Stop taking part in the lie’, did that after graduating HS. The one taking part are the primary beneficiaries of the matriarch, MARRIED COUPLES! Matrimony originate under Zorastrian faith, and had NOTHING to do with christianity until Constantine the Great called the Council of Nica, to canonize the bible. Handing out privileges to the self entitled (married) will always keep them expecting more.
Nothing is going to happen, until someone razes the…(acronym)