Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

The media, politicians, managers of large companies, and even priests and bishops speak to us obsessively about a connected world, in which the faculties of the human body are amplified by a series of technological appendages which permit us to talk to our automobile, turn on the living room light by talking to a plastic cylinder, get traffic information from Alexa, order sushi from our cell phone, and know that the milk in our refrigerator is getting close to its expiration date. According to them, this world represents achievement and progress for humanity. Many of the marvels that await us are already available. Others are imminent, already patented and ready to be placed on the market.

Let’s imagine for a moment that one of us, by chance, happened to be isolated from all this at the beginning of last year. Imagine that he decided to retire to a mountain chalet in order to write a book, or that he entered a monastery for a period of meditation and prayer. No television, no newspapers, no social media, no breaking news on his cell phone. Only the rhythms of nature, the song of birds, the breath of the wind, the roar of the mountain stream, the tolling of the bell. Until the moment when, after more than a year, this fortunate friend concluded his period of isolation and returned to the world, believing that he would find it just as he left it.

What will this person, who was far away while we were all locked up in our houses due to the lockdowns imposed by almost every government in the world, find upon his return?

Well, our friend will discover that while he devoted himself to his novel or to meditation on the Fathers of the Church, the world has literally gone mad. A flu syndrome, which according to official data causes almost the same number of deaths among the elderly and weak people as any other normal seasonal flu, has been used as a pretext to sow terror amidst the population, thanks to the complicity of politicians, the media, doctors, and law enforcement. He will see himself surrounded by people who wear masks even outdoors, because someone has said that it will prevent infection. When he returns to his hometown and wants to go shopping, he will find that he is expelled from the grocery store because he is not wearing that ridiculous muzzle, and he will not be able to go out to eat at a restaurant without being subjected to a swab test that, up until last year, was indicated as ineffective for diagnostic purposes. He will hear it said that this “pandemic” has caused millions of deaths, even if in 2020 in every nation of the world the number of dead was basically exactly the same as in preceding years. And he will also hear that, because of an influenza virus that notoriously mutates like any other coronavirus, global authorities have purchased billions of doses of vaccines that are admittedly useless, given that they do not guarantee immunity and indeed have serious side effects, which nobody wants to recognize.



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Publius Huldah
2 months ago

Wonderful speech! He tells it as it is.