Tucker Carlson 7/21/21

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6 months ago

I still think the A.Bab shooting looked completely fake. How many watched that shooting and saw a lot of very odd things when she was “shot”?? Looked very Hollywood in my opinion.
And yes, i saw her “boyfriend and family speak” on interviews. I just don’t think that is how it looks when you get shot by a glock from 8 or 9 feet away in NECK…Wouldn’t there have been more splatter or gushing?? Anyone with more experience please lmk qhat they think

6 months ago
Reply to  FedUpFLman

Depends on the Ammo. Standard 9-MM Parabellum is a Jacketed, Round-Nosed Bullet. A Hit in the Neck, a small part of the Body, would very likely Penetrate Through, and hit the Wall behind the Victim. Since the Bullet wouldn’t Expand or Fragnment (like other types Do) the Exit Wound is not going to be large, nor cause a lot of ‘splatter’.